My Christmas Message

ENGLISH VERSION (ver abajo version en Espanol)

Dear Friends, we have certainly experienced contrasting emotions for most of 2020 and 2021. Our lives have been disrupted “uninstalling” many of our “installed” habits. It seems impossible that 2022 could be like the prior two…. Hopefully not! Although many indicators do not seem promising.

I would assert that we rarely ask ourselves why? Why do we have to experience this pandemic here and now? Perhaps, for most of our formidable scientific progress, technological advances and “modernism” that got “installed” in our lives, we needed a pandemic to slow us down, reach into our souls and discern the signs of the times … It is not that we have lost our compass, but at times seems, each one has its personal compass pointing to a different North!  It is my hope we can agree on a set of organizing principles enabling us to join efforts to conquer something bigger than ourselves for the health of our planet and the generations to come.

My Christmas wish is to restore character to our competence, truth in our voices and remove frivolity and “busy” activities, to regain time for what is important.

My New Year’s resolution is for many shared moments, fabulous enriching experiences learning new things and challenging each other to conquer new and old obstacles 2022 will present.

Now receive my best holidays wishes, and until we meet again in person… Zoom will have to do amigo! — Carlos B.


Querido Amigos/Amigas, ciertas emociones que hemos experimentado durante el 2020 y el 2021 han sido el resultado del miedo, la angustia, la bronca, la incertidumbre que exaltan nuestras miserias. Parece imposible que el 2022 se le pueda parecer a los dos anteriores…. ¡Ojalá que NO! ¡Pero a días del Año Nuevo las expectativas no son muy halagüeñas!

¿Lo que pocas veces nos hemos pregunta: es por qué? ¿Porque esta pandemia nos toca vivirla aquí y ahora?  Quizás tantos avances científicos, tecnológicos y el “modernismo” que nos tenían cautivos y nos olvidamos mirar al cielo y discernir los signos de los tiempos… Un abrazo cariñoso y mis deseos que el Niño de Belen nos devuelva la esperanza y la alegría de un Nuevo Cielo y una Nueva Tierra en el Nuevo Año que se avecina – Carlos B.


About Carlos S. Baradello

Investor, thought leader, university professor, and advisor in areas of corporate innovation, born global entrepreneurship and venture capital investing.
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2 Responses to My Christmas Message

  1. domingostern says:

    let us not take anything for granted. Let’s be grateful for our family and loved ones this holiday season. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  2. domingostern says:

    Merry Christmas Carlos

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