Higher Education Enterprise Faces Multiple Challenges in the Post COVID-19 Era

The race to meet the current and future demands of the new digital learners

The global pandemic has thrown education and educators into the ‘deep end’ in a ‘sink or swim’ dilemma. Capturing successfully the multiple opportunities uncovered by the two year-long pandemic requires the timely transforming of Higher Ed Enterprise along all its participants, including the organizational culture. Higher Ed Enterprises are notoriously slow to adapt to disruptive changes such as those enabled by the pandemic, creating vast market opportunities for new entrants across the entire value chain. Digital transformation technologies have empowered a new type of consumer that demands new products and services delivered in entirely new ways making the incumbents vulnerable to the threat of new entrants, while transforming the Higher Ed Ecosystem to a ‘Digital Enterprise’.

We (Hap Klopp, Paul Campbell, and I – a.k.a. The 3amgos) during the last two years have been leading a research team on Excellence in Virtual and Hybrid Education (EVE) with a handful of undergraduate and graduate students. Our investigation provided an opportunity to reflect and reframe our learning-by-doing as we transformed our in-classroom classes for the new virtual and later hybrid environments.

As practitioners of Digital Transformation, we are seizing this opportunity to facilitate the shift to virtual and hybrid education by creating a unique integrated digital pedagogy. Our center focus has been aimed at solving the 4 (four) major challenges faced by digital learners:

Our EVE effort eventually led us to ‘rise above the gathering storm’ of the on-going disruption affecting Higher Ed institutions and learners. Our efforts led us to see beyond the headlights five key disruptive challenges demanding answers to thrive in the new post-COVID-19- normal:

We invite you to follow our on-going research in these digital venues:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/threeamigos.co/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/threeamigos

Website: https://amigos-3.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/threeamigos_co

You can also contact us through our LinkedIn account of the 3amigos team member or directly to me at

Until our paths cross again amigo — Carlos B.


About Carlos S. Baradello

Investor, thought leader, university professor, and advisor in areas of corporate innovation, born global entrepreneurship and venture capital investing.
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